Friday, May 30, 2014

MAC's Maleficent True Love's Kiss

"Lips that shame the red red rose". - Sleeping Beauty
I wanted to rock red lips again after watching Maleficent last night.
This color is called True Love's Kiss from the Maleficent collection released by MAC. I didn't really need another red lipstick since I have another color very similar to this, but I love the finish of this which is something I do not have in my arsenal of lipsticks. I tend to shy away any sort of sheen, gloss or anything that emphasize my lips more on an already bold color because my lips are naturally full. By wearing a bold lipstick color the attention is already on my lips, no gloss or sheen is needed. However, True Love's Kiss has a slight "quiet" sheen that I thought I would not like but I love it!
This one is a keep for me.