Monday, May 21, 2012

Bay Area K-pop Concert

MBC's Korean Music Wave in Google concert with colorful stage, a variety of stars line-up (KARA, Girls' Generation, MBLAQ, SISTAR, f(x), Wonder Girls, B2ST, Super Junior, DBSK) and live streaming on Youtube. All the extra tickets have been distributed to friends and whoever wanted them.
6 hour wait in line and I came prepared with snacks, a towel to sit on and an umbrella to shelter us from the sun's hot rays. When the line started to move during the ticket distributing process alot of people cutted but I guess that's what happens with a combination of hardcore K-pop fans and a free concert.
A view of the stage before the show.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Limited edition Hello Kitty box GET!
The box is simply adorable. It features Hello Kitty on the cover holding a macaron. Most likely a Laduree's macaron hehehe.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

You deserve more

Bon Anniversaire David
A  joint birthday was not bad idea but since it was insistent that it would be celebrated separately, I decided to hatch my own little plan to celebrate Pooky's birthday. The 3 elements that I wanted to have were The Avengers, cake and dinner, all a surprise. Timing of everything was a little tricky since I had to leave a good amount of time before the movie starts to ensure decent seatings and if tickets were sold out then I would have a back up plan. Also, keeping the element of surprise but he's too good even though I blind-folded him while I drove. He would always know the area we were in.

I was rushing and my hands were shaking alot while writing the birthday message on the plate. If i had more time I would work on the presentation *my perfectionist side talking*

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello Kitty x Ladurée & my birthday!

Hello Kitty is the most popular icon and she can dress up in just about anything and make everything much more adorable. In celebration of The Ring in 3D, she can even make Sadako look cute @_@ The point of this post is the celebration of Ladurée's 150th year anniversary and Hello Kitty will be gracing the boxes. Thanks to my awesome aunt who delivered these back from Paris, my 3 year dream of sampling Ladurée's macarons has been fulfilled!! Out of all the macaron places I've tried, they had a different texture than Ladurée's. Maybe they couldn't get the texture down correctly because I've have had some hard and chewy (sticking to your teeth kind of way). Ladurée's macarons are so delicate with a thinly crisp outer shell and airy inside that is not the slightest bit chewy at all!
Flavors my the box:
 - (Incroyables) strawberry candy almond marshmellow
- Cherry blossom (?)
 - Raspberry
 - Vanilla
 - Chocolate
 - Lemon
 - Incroyables almond
 - Citrus
 - Caramel
Pooky is so sweet trying hard to organize an early birthday dinner with my friends on friday and another with my family on saturday. We played a late night game of mad rush miniature golf because the park was closing in 2 hours. With 13 people playing it was not enough time to play leisurely. It was fun and silly at the same time. On Sunday, I had afternoon tea with two of my friends who could not make it out on Friday night. Then I spent the rest of the day with Pooky at the movie theater to see The Raven. Oh, the sugar rush I had that weekend with 2 birthday cakes and macarons as gifts .
Cake #1 that is chocolate and strawberry.
Chocolate chiffon cake. I normally like my cake decadent but I went with a less sweet cake for the older guests I had.
My outfit of the day, however, I forgot to wear my socks T ^ T So it's incomplete.
I was inspired by the 4 strand braid that I attempt it myself.
The table is just overflowing with food and tea. Even though everything was mismatch, this Alice in Wonderland tea pot is the cutest!
In our sweet spring dresses
This interactive display calls for some camwhoring >=3