Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Princess makeup お姫様のメイク

The film Marie Antoinette made me realize how much I love pastel with their colorful macarons, costumes and the opulent life the royalties lead. If you felt the same way then you will love Etude House's new 2012 holiday line very much inspired by Marie Antoinette and evoking imageries of Versailles called Princess Etoinette Collection. The blush container reminded me of Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée egg container with the princess motif of Jill Stuart. Both brands are quite luxurious in terms of price whereas Etude House's is more affordable.

I went ahead and got the Heart Blusher #PK001 Pink Kiss, Crystal Powder, and Crystal Shine Lipstick #PPK001 Midnight Masquerade. They are simply too pretty to use! Even if I use all of the product they would make sweet decorative items to my makeup table. The box in which the products came in had intricate princess motifs with dangling pearl chains, ribbon, and filigree. I cannot force myself to even throw away the boxes! I look forward to trying out these lovely products when I get the chance.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

MaruQ & Xmas presents

There were rumors of a Liz Lisa shop was opening in San Francisco. What wonderful news! Another one of my favorite Japanese fashion brand would be easily more accessible (in the US to be exact). However, I found out that it would not be an official Liz Lisa shop per se but the store would be carrying Liz Lisa/Tralala and various other gyaru brands. During MaruQ's grand opening party, I was only able to pick up a cute floral silicon keyboard. They are also taking orders for Liz Lisa's 2013 fukubukuro lucky bag so get them if you're interested~

My Ootd mirror shot ^^;

Not relating to Liz Liz/MaruQ: My early Christmas presents includes the pink blossom psp that had been on my wishlist for some time and now I can cross that off. It's just so pretty! And I have a new camera that will come in handy during my mood of creativity and travel gear.
Guess what game I had to play first on my sparkly new PSP? StarrySky!!