Friday, July 18, 2014

Move over Bejeweled, I got a new game app.

Disney lovers have you heard of Tsum Tsum (ツムツム)? It's a popular free Japanese game app that recently became available to play in the United States. I admit that I am hooked on it. It's a simple game with super cute Disney characters that children and adults will enjoy. The goal in each game is to create the longest character chain which will give you more points, but a chain of 3 will also suffice. Collect coins to purchase bonuses or special boxes which contains a random character, each with a different skill that you can use to to help you with your game.

If you can't get enough of the game you might find yourself collecting the stuffed toys! Although these are a little harder to obtain since not ever Disney store carries it. Be sure to give your local Disney store a call to see if they have it, otherwise you can always purchase it online. If you are lucky and live in Japan, they have character plushies such as in Alice in Wonderland, the seven dwarfs, Oswald and more that the U.S. does not have available. They even have Anna, Elsa and Olaf Tsum Tsum in the game with various skills.

Check out the game for both iPhone and Android devices here:
Obtain your very own cute squeezables here: