Sunday, May 6, 2012

You deserve more

Bon Anniversaire David
A  joint birthday was not bad idea but since it was insistent that it would be celebrated separately, I decided to hatch my own little plan to celebrate Pooky's birthday. The 3 elements that I wanted to have were The Avengers, cake and dinner, all a surprise. Timing of everything was a little tricky since I had to leave a good amount of time before the movie starts to ensure decent seatings and if tickets were sold out then I would have a back up plan. Also, keeping the element of surprise but he's too good even though I blind-folded him while I drove. He would always know the area we were in.

I was rushing and my hands were shaking alot while writing the birthday message on the plate. If i had more time I would work on the presentation *my perfectionist side talking*

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