Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bridal Shower & More Weddings!

Congrats to Tammy & Minh!
I was honored to be part of their wedding and I have to say that the big day occured on the hottest day of the summer. I had to sleep early the night before to even get up at 1am for our 3am hair and makeup appointment. It was a hectic day but everything worked out well.
Santa Clara University Church where the ceremony will take place.
The wedding party.
Now that things with my friend's wedding are all wrapped up, it's now my other friend's turn!
My gift for the bride-to-be
Our mini tea party.
I love my berries!
We were all admiring the pretty bridal cake~
Pastel colored cakepops.
The bridal party
Congrats to Anthony & Linda!
I was asked to be Linda's bridesmaid for one of her biggest celebration, her wedding. We just had to be part of the craze and got to dance to PSY's "Gangnam Style" as our entrance music.
Experienced finger cramps here witht the was quite tedious!

The wedding party.
Here comes the bride all dressed in white~
"I Spy" game for our guests to play.
I liked how we each had our own personal vase for our bouquet.
The wedding cupcakes that I helped with.
A photo of me and Pooky. I was able to camouflage my sunburn! ( ~_ ^ )b
Our elementary/middle school/high school friends! The bride was MIA taking pictures with guests at the door.

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